“All my life I’ve wanted to work with the kind of healer one reads about in books, the ones who know exactly what’s going on inside you without your needing to be able to articulate it. I’ve had a few faint glimpses of that with some others before Sarah, but Sarah is quite mindboggling–I have been repeatedly amazed by how Sarah can tune in and tell me things about me that are absolutely true, and that aren’t obvious at all without my saying a word! (And she can do this long distance too–I really don’t know how, but she can).

Sarah’s work gives the term “whole-self modality” a whole new meaning because she really gets at the root cause of what’s going on. Her work has been tremendously effective, and transformational on all levels.

I could keep going, but Sarah is, quite frankly, perhaps the most gifted intuitive healer I have come across. I routinely feel fortunate that I’ve met her, and that she is there for me!”

A.G. New York

“When my son ended a toxic relationship with his live-in girlfriend, his house continued to have a heavy and oppressive feeling even after she had moved out. I sent Sarah a photo of the house and after she cleared it my grandchildren were noticeably happier and my son’s somber mood began to lift as well. Sarah is in New York and my son’s house is in the Midwest. Distance is no barrier for her work!”

C.H.J. – New York

“As a musician and producer I am constantly amazed at Sarah Craft’s ability to improve the sound of my instruments. Not only can she tune my guitar at a distance, she can bring in whatever qualities I want! Sarah has been able to to help me perfect the sound of guitars, the tuning of drums, and clearing of stages and studios. Sarah is an amazing listener with a deep understanding of the work she does and she is able to address things on a level that actually changes them. My mind doesn’t understand it but my ears can’t deny it! My hope is that Sarah will be able to connect with more and more musicians and share her unique gifts. She is a rare find.”

Dan  L.- California

“At two months old, my grandson Jamie was what we call a fussy baby. Nothing seemed to console him and he would wail away until he wore himself out. When not crying, his little brow was furrowed and he simply looked out of sorts. I decided to contact Sarah Craft and when she heard Jamie’s symptoms, she texted me the following: “I just did a little work on him to help him “land” a little more into his body and align his cranial bones. There seemed to be a constriction where the parietals meet the occiput. There is some tightness in his diaphragm as well.” Jamie was indeed constricted in his breathing and we felt it actually got in the way of nursing effectively. Within a day of Sarah’s intervention, Jamie seemed to turn a corner and be able to relax and play by himself contentedly. He enjoyed his bath for the first time. His little face lost that perpetual frown. Sarah did a little more work on him and commented that babies only need a little work at a time. Jamie just turned 3 months and is a real smiler now and seems happy and relaxed. I should point out that Jamie and his parents live in London – quite a distance from Sarah in Ithaca, New York. We can’t thank Sarah enough for her help and we credit her for the transformation we now see in little Jamie.”

Susan P. – Maryland

“Sarah Craft has a unique and uncanny talent for long-distance healing. When our Standard Poodle, Daisy, was seriously ill with kidney disease we were told that her kidney function was so low that we should not expect her to survive. Sarah performed a long-distance healing, and miraculously, at her next exam, her kidney function had improved very significantly. There had been no other interventions. Sarah did a wonderful thing for us; she gave us many more months with our beloved dog.”

Helen H. – New York

“I suffer from chronic migraines and Sarah has been able to stop my migraines from happening or help them to subside amazingly quickly. I contact her as soon as I feel the first symptoms and she is able to send me healing energy anytime, anywhere and I have the same result: my crisis subsides quickly! She is my precious therapist even with 7000 km between us. She is lovely, available and flexible. I highly recommend her!”

Corinna R. – Switzerland

“Since Sarah did her Energetic Feng Shui on my café I am more focused and productive and actually enjoy coming to work! My customers love the warm and inviting feel of my shop and I am constantly getting comments about it. I even had one person say that if she arrives in a bad mood she always feels calm and happy when she leaves. The difference is truly magical and amazing!”

Lisa S. – New York

“I was so sick after my first round of chemotherapy treatments that I contacted Sarah for a healing before the next one. I had almost NO side-effects after the second round. I even contacted my doctor because I thought there had been a mistake and they hadn’t given me the right medicine! I made sure to have healing sessions before every treatment and I felt amazingly well throughout. We missed the last round because our schedules didn’t align and to be truthful, I didn’t think it would matter. Once again I was sick as a dog after that last round of chemo. What a confirmation that Sarah’s healing sessions made such a profound difference! I highly recommend her to anyone going through cancer treatment.”

Patricia D. – California

“I’ve been dazzled by the undeniable transmission of Sarah’s Energetic Talismans. I’ve used them in diverse environments for wildly differing purposes. Never have they failed to strongly fulfill their mission. I gave one talisman to a loved one in chronic pain; it is in the form of a scarf that Sarah embedded with comfort and physical healing. For another talisman, Sarah used a piece of jewelry, in which she built a bridge to a desired stage of spiritual evolution. In the professional realm, I use Sarah’s talismans daily in my teaching work to help students experience and compare embodied states of consciousness. In crafting these objects both practical and esoteric, Sarah listens carefully to my wishes and senses keenly what is called for — even when we experiment with what sometimes feels to me like the very edge of possibility. In this regard, Sarah’s ingenuity is matched by her refined sensitivity. I highly encourage anyone to take advantage of Sarah’s work with this creative source of information, healing, and development.”

Jenna M. – New York