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Since childhood, I’ve had a curiosity to understand and explore the mysterious world of subtle energy and consciousness and how they manifest reality in the physical world. As an adult, I’ve honed my abilities to work with these energies for healing and spiritual transformation. A former professional dancer of eleven years and a massage therapist for over a decade, I am fascinated and awed by the human body; its form and function. I have dedicated my life to seeking out the best teachers and learning the most effective techniques, both energetic and hands-on, that facilitate the most profound healing possible for my clients.

I have studied with Ric Weinman, Deena Spear, Jalaja Bonheim, Jenna Milner, David Lauterstein and Carrie Taylor. I have advanced training in Myofascial Release, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, VortexHealing®, and Reiki. I am a New York State licensed massage therapist and a former instructor at the Finger Lakes School of Massage. I danced professionally with Washington DC-based Dana Tai Soon Burgess and Company and I use my kinesthetic awareness and intuitive abilities to help bring my awareness into my clients’ experience, thus tailoring each session to fit individual needs.

In-person sessions provide holistic, integrative bodywork and distance sessions heal the body by working with the human energy system to release blockages and transform core emotional issues that are a root of all of our physical problems. I reside with my family and practice my healing work in Ithaca, NY.  Along with my partner Gabriel Colella, we conduct spiritual development workshops that combine holistic healing and self-inquiry.

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The foundation for my practice is based on the notion that all life is connected. However, our experience is that we are a localized, personal self that is essentially separate from everything else in creation, including that One Source from which we came and what we actually are! This illusion of separation is the basis for all our struggles, needs, conflicts and fears. This creates all kinds of issues and false identities that condition and impact every level of our being, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This conditioning eventually creates blockages in our human energy system which generates weakness and physical disease.

My intention is to help release, transform and transmute this conditioning on every level that it is found. This is how we return to emotional balance and energetic strength so that good health prevails. Instead of living from the pain and suffering of a separate someone that is struggling through life, we finally have the possibility to live in freedom. From my point of view, there can be no deeper healing.

Mission Statement

Trust is the most important factor in any relationship and it is my commitment to communicate and act with compassion, integrity, and honesty with all of my clients. I have been on my own healing journey and I know the amount of courage healing requires. I am honored and humbled when people ask for my help in assisting them through their own process. I see my role as being a facilitator, helping to connect my client to their own inner wisdom and innate healing resources.