What can I expect from a healing session?

My sessions are 90 minutes long and include about a 15 minute intake and another 15 minutes afterwards to discuss the session. The work itself lasts for about an hour. In person sessions are conducted on a massage table and I’d recommend wearing comfy, loose-fitting clothing like a tank top and exercise shorts. If it is a distance session, you will want to be in a quiet space where you can relax undisturbed for an hour. After a brief phone conversation, we hang up while I conduct the session offline.
There is no right or wrong way to experience this work. You may feel physical sensations as the energy moves through your system. You may experience different thoughts, emotions or memories that can feel like a stream of consciousness. You may see colors or images. It can be tempting to figure out what all of these experiences “mean” but what is more important is to try and be as present as possible for what you are experiencing. There may be some physical or emotional discomfort as an aspect of conditioned consciousness comes into your awareness to be transformed. You may have a sudden insight about a situation, person, event or aspect of yourself. It is that insight that can create understanding, awareness and the possibility for change.