Does this work on skeptics and do you have to be a “believer” for it to be effective?

The mind is a very powerful thing that we as humans deeply identify with. Our mind can decide we are healing and it’s true that positive, physiologic evidence can be tracked even if the treatment was a placebo. Yet there is no way that the mind can simply imagine the effects of this type of healing work. The mind cannot burn out viruses or transform the epigenetics or strengthen the energetic system or transform deeply held patterns of emotional, mental or karmic consciousness. It simply doesn’t have that kind of power. For that reason, this type of healing work also can override disbelief as well. I’ve worked with very skeptical people who experienced remarkable results. That said, the mind can block us from having a particular experience, so a deeply skeptical person might not see images or feel sensations during the session but they still experience the overall positive result of the healing.