Can there be negative effects from this kind of work?

Occasionally after sessions you may feel worse for a period of time. On a physical level, toxins and metabolic waste held in the cells and physical tissues can be released (that’s a good thing!) and that can make us feel sore and achy for a day or so. Emotional discomfort can occur when an issue in our subconscious comes into our conscious awareness to be transformed. It is important to recognize that this is a very healing thing to experience even if it doesn’t necessarily feel good.
I compare this to the experience of having a limb ‘fall asleep’. First we don’t even know that we have lost circulation (this is the unconscious period before healing work), then we get signals from our nervous system that something is wrong (this is when you seek out help and have a healing session), then the blood begins to flow back into the limb, bringing nutrients and vital life force energy. Does this part feel good? No! I personally can’t stand the pins and needles feeling of stamping my foot when it has fallen asleep. Is it a positive and necessary thing to occur? Yes! Imagine what would happen if we went back into the position that caused the limb to lose circulation simply because it felt better than the pins and needles.
It is important to remember that feeling badly after a session isn’t necessarily “negative”and that once the discomfort passes there is often an even greater sense of ease, clarity and peace that can arise.