A. G.

“All my life I’ve wanted to work with the kind of healer one reads about in books, the ones who know exactly what’s going on inside you without your needing to be able to articulate it. I’ve had a few faint glimpses of that with some others before Sarah, but Sarah is quite mindboggling–I have been repeatedly amazed by how Sarah can tune in and tell me things about me that are absolutely true, and that aren’t obvious at all without my saying a word! (And she can do this long distance too–I really don’t know how, but she can).

Sarah’s work gives the term “whole-self modality” a whole new meaning because she really gets at the root cause of what’s going on. Her work has been tremendously effective, and transformational on all levels.

I could keep going, but Sarah is, quite frankly, perhaps the most gifted intuitive healer I have come across. I routinely feel fortunate that I’ve met her, and that she is there for me!”