Specific Healing Series

Cancer Prevention Series

Cancer is complex and there are many factors that we cannot control. We can do our best to eat well and limit our exposure to environmental toxins, but even people who are health conscious are at risk. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or are genetically predisposed, or simply want to do everything you can to prevent cancer, this series of sessions is designed to address the many layers of this issue. Together we will release and transform the emotional landscape that contributes to the formation of cancer. We also strengthen your energetic system and clear any epigenetic patterning that would predispose one to cancer. This package would be appropriate for someone going through cancer treatment. It can greatly alleviate side-effects and keep the immune system strong.

15 sessions – $1400

“I was so sick after my first round of chemotherapy treatments that I contacted Sarah for a healing before the next one. I had almost NO side-effects after the second round. I even contacted my doctor because I thought there had been a mistake and they hadn’t given me the right medicine! I made sure to have healing sessions before every treatment and I felt amazingly well throughout. We missed the last round because our schedules didn’t align and to be truthful, I didn’t think it would matter. Once again I was sick as a dog after that last round of chemo. What a confirmation that Sarah’s healing sessions made such a profound difference! I highly recommend her to anyone going through cancer treatment.”

Patricia D. – California

Managing Lyme Disease Series

Lyme Disease can be a debilitating and difficult to treat illness and the sooner one can receive treatment the better. This series is an excellent support for traditional medical care and can help keep Lyme under control even if it can’t be knocked out entirely.  From an energetic standpoint Lyme bacteria are masters of camouflage and take on the consciousness of the animals and people they inhabit, making it harder for the immune system to combat it. Subconscious fixations and identities can arise within the individual masking Lymen even more. This series is designed to optimize and strengthen the body and energy pathways to keep the immune system strong. We will also work energetically to strip the camouflage and burn out the Lyme bacteria as well as any other viruses that may be associated with the disease.

10 sessions – $900

Prosperity Series – Releasing Money Blocks

We all want an abundant life where our financial needs are satisfied. This series is designed to transform one’s relationship with money and any blocks to living a financially abundant life. We may have subconscious resistance to having money or the block may come from negative beliefs, or an inherent self-worth issue. Even those who have money may not enjoy it because of fear of loss or an incarnational or family history supporting a negative pattern. Whatever the underlying issue, this series will help transform blocks and create more flow. This series comes with an Energetic Talisman designed to transform money issues.

7 sessions – $600

Dosha Balancing

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha,  derive from the Five Elements and are biological energies that provide an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment. When our Doshas become out of balance we can feel emotionally unstable and physically unwell. These five, 45 minute consecutive sessions will harmonize the Dosha energies and help them to remain in balance.
5 sessions – $400

“At two months old, my grandson Jamie was what we call a fussy baby. Nothing seemed to console him and he would wail away until he wore himself out. When not crying, his little brow was furrowed and he simply looked out of sorts. I decided to contact Sarah Craft and when she heard Jamie’s symptoms, she texted me the following: “I just did a little work on him to help him “land” a little more into his body and align his cranial bones. There seemed to be a constriction where the parietals meet the occiput. There is some tightness in his diaphragm as well.” Jamie was indeed constricted in his breathing and we felt it actually got in the way of nursing effectively. Within a day of Sarah’s intervention, Jamie seemed to turn a corner and be able to relax and play by himself contentedly. He enjoyed his bath for the first time. His little face lost that perpetual frown. Sarah did a little more work on him and commented that babies only need a little work at a time. Jamie just turned 3 months and is a real smiler now and seems happy and relaxed. I should point out that Jamie and his parents live in London – quite a distance from Sarah in Ithaca, New York. We can’t thank Sarah enough for her help and we credit her for the transformation we now see in little Jamie.”

Susan P. – Maryland

Creativity Series – Opening to Divine Inspiration

Whether you have a specific creative endeavor that you want to see come to fruition or simply want to unlock your own creative potential, this series of sessions is designed to do just that. These sessions will focus on releasing blockages in the second chakra, which is a strong creative center, and transforming any limiting beliefs or patterns that hinder creative expression.

3 sessions – $300

 Peaceful Heart Package

This series is an excellent choice if one is experiencing anxiety and depression, PTSD, low self-esteem or body image issues, and helps us open to receiving Divine Love more fully into our being. Often it is our subconscious resistance to love (self-love and Divine Love) that keeps us from experiencing healthy relationships both with ourselves and with others. This series will transform the underlying issues that block us from receiving love.

4 sessions – $400

Couples Healing Series

This series is designed to help couples who are going through a transition in their relationship. Challenges in relationship can be created or exacerbated by our own core issues, and certain energetic bonds that are naturally created during relationship can make existing patterns difficult to shift. Each person will receive individual work to resolve the underlying issue and the relationship itself will be worked on as well which can help to bring clarity to whatever is going on.
This work is valuable for couples who want to improve their relationship but it is also appropriate for relationships that are ending and can greatly ease the uncoupling process.
20 sessions – $1700