Session Rates & Packages

Individual sessions -$125

A single session of healing work with Sarah.

3 session package – $300

This package is a perfect introduction to the transformative power of healing work.

5 session package – $475

Ideal for people who want to strengthen and optimize their energy system. These sessions can greatly improve one’s physical health.

10 session package – $900

This package will focus on releasing an issue and continue strengthening the energy system. Clients also receive an energetic structure called an Energetic Talisman in an object of their choosing. This can be used for personal healings.

20 session package – $1700

This package is ideal for people who want to experience deep transformation around a particular issue. The issue is taken through an in-depth protocol, releasing it multidimensionally from wherever it sits in their being – physically, mentally and emotionally. The human energy system is strengthened and energized and clients also receive an Energetic Talisman and a Puja of their choice.