A physical issue can have an emotional root and an emotional issue can be felt and expressed in the form of physical illness or injury. For this reason it is important to address the entire person as a cohesive whole rather than focus solely on the apparent problem. My practice combines energetic and bodywork techniques to create lasting physical change and emotional balance.

Healing treatmentsOn a physical level, musculoskeletal injuries can be healed or alleviated. Infections, both viral, bacterial and even fungal infections like candida can be burned out or managed. Organs and human anatomy systems can be worked with in very specific ways to optimize and strengthen their health and functioning. This can be extremely beneficial for people with autoimmune disorders.

Emotional and mental patterns can be transformed as well, helping those who struggle with anxiety or depression. People who have experienced this work describe feeling more grounded and calm with a greater sense of clarity, a deeper ability to connect and be present with others, and a sense of peace and well-being. Symptoms from chronic conditions can be greatly improved or eliminated. I work with babies, children, pets and adults. Sessions are available in-person, at a distance, and in groups.

All of our issues, be they physical or emotional are created from the experience of separation which conditions every aspect of our lives. My intention is to help release, transform and transmute this conditioning on every level. This is how we return to emotional balance and energetic strength so that good health prevails. We finally have the possibility to live in freedom. From my point of view, there can be no deeper healing.