Occasionally after sessions you may feel worse for a period of time. On a physical level, toxins and metabolic waste held in the cells and physical tissues can be released (that’s a good thing!) and that can make us feel sore and achy for a day or so. Emotional discomfort can occur when an issue in our subconscious comes into our conscious awareness to be transformed. It is important to recognize that this is a very healing thing to experience even if it doesn’t necessarily feel good.
I compare this to the experience of having a limb ‘fall asleep’. First we don’t even know that we have lost circulation (this is the unconscious period before healing work), then we get signals from our nervous system that something is wrong (this is when you seek out help and have a healing session), then the blood begins to flow back into the limb, bringing nutrients and vital life force energy. Does this part feel good? No! I personally can’t stand the pins and needles feeling of stamping my foot when it has fallen asleep. Is it a positive and necessary thing to occur? Yes! Imagine what would happen if we went back into the position that caused the limb to lose circulation simply because it felt better than the pins and needles.
It is important to remember that feeling badly after a session isn’t necessarily “negative”and that once the discomfort passes there is often an even greater sense of ease, clarity and peace that can arise.

There are some kinds of practices in which people use their own energy for healing or creating certain experiences which can have unwanted results if done incorrectly. I’ve seen this occur most often when people engage in certain breathing techniques or Kundalini practices without the proper guidance. The energy that I am using does not originate from me but rather comes through me. It has an innate intelligence that knows where it needs to go and what it needs to do. It can only be used for positive purposes and only if it is appropriate. I might intend for a certain energy to run thinking it would be helpful in a particular situation and if it isn’t, the energy simply won’t transmit.

The mind is a very powerful thing that we as humans deeply identify with. Our mind can decide we are healing and it’s true that positive, physiologic evidence can be tracked even if the treatment was a placebo. Yet there is no way that the mind can simply imagine the effects of this type of healing work. The mind cannot burn out viruses or transform the epigenetics or strengthen the energetic system or transform deeply held patterns of emotional, mental or karmic consciousness. It simply doesn’t have that kind of power. For that reason, this type of healing work also can override disbelief as well. I’ve worked with very skeptical people who experienced remarkable results. That said, the mind can block us from having a particular experience, so a deeply skeptical person might not see images or feel sensations during the session but they still experience the overall positive result of the healing.

Like the healing session itself, there are myriad experiences that can occur afterwards. You may feel tired for a while or you may feel refreshed and energized. It is not uncommon to feel more grounded and experience a deeper sense of peace and connection to the earth and others. You may feel less reactive to people or situations that easily triggered you before.

My sessions are 90 minutes long and include about a 15 minute intake and another 15 minutes afterwards to discuss the session. The work itself lasts for about an hour. In person sessions are conducted on a massage table and I’d recommend wearing comfy, loose-fitting clothing like a tank top and exercise shorts. If it is a distance session, you will want to be in a quiet space where you can relax undisturbed for an hour. After a brief phone conversation, we hang up while I conduct the session offline.
There is no right or wrong way to experience this work. You may feel physical sensations as the energy moves through your system. You may experience different thoughts, emotions or memories that can feel like a stream of consciousness. You may see colors or images. It can be tempting to figure out what all of these experiences “mean” but what is more important is to try and be as present as possible for what you are experiencing. There may be some physical or emotional discomfort as an aspect of conditioned consciousness comes into your awareness to be transformed. You may have a sudden insight about a situation, person, event or aspect of yourself. It is that insight that can create understanding, awareness and the possibility for change.

The nice thing about energy is that it is not beholden to the laws of time and space the way physical matter is. It would be difficult to give a distance massage because massage (unless energetic modalities are being integrated) is focusing solely on the physical body. Energy on the other hand, travels easily and quickly through the space-time continuum. Virtually every energetic tool I use in person works just as well in my distance sessions.

As human beings we tend to experience reality in a very physical way and we rely heavily on our five traditional senses to interpret that experience. Yet modern science confirms what mystics have said for centuries: everything is energy. Our physical body is fed, nourished and governed by life-force energy that cannot be ‘seen’ with our eyes but without it we would be dead. If the energetic system is not functioning properly, is damaged or unhealthy, disease will follow. It’s that simple. For this reason, working with the human energy system is one of the best forms of preventive medicine I know.

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