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Session 4 of The Money Series: Healing Shame

December 8, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EST

Almost everyone has a tendency to hide from feelings about money. Hiding or avoiding these feelings can exacerbate feelings of helplessness and hopelessness around money. One of the main reasons why we hide from our feelings is because we experience some kind of shame. Shame with regards to money can show up in myriad ways. We can feel shame from having money or not having money, from spending it or not spending it. Shame around money blocks our receptivity towards money. This healing will focus on clearing and transforming the most impactful shame issue blocking the flow of money. We will also clear any ancestral conditioning keeping this issue in place. 

Most money issues are really just other core issues such as fear, worry and shame, projected onto the area of money.  Many of these issues come from unconscious conditioning that negatively impacts our experience with money and financial flow, regardless of what’s in our bank account.

This 5-part remote healing series is designed to transform the most common money issues. Each session will focus on healing a different aspect to harmonize your relationship with money as well as to create a new and more optimal way of relating to, and interacting with money. Each session will also include a puja, or divine blessing for your financial well-being.

VortexHealing® is an ancient, holistic healing art that brings divine energy and consciousness to heal and transform negative emotional and mental patterns. Gabriel Colella and I are both advanced practitioners of VortexHealing® and we will be offering this series together. It is recommended that you be in a quiet relaxed space where you can remain present during the healings. There will also be a call-in option where you can be guided during the healings.

Click here to register for all five sessions. 


Session 1 Sunday, Nov. 17th – Healing Scarcity and Lack 

Session 2 Sunday, Nov. 24th – Healing Self Worth 

Session 3 Sunday, Dec. 1st – Healing Struggle and Worry

Session 4 Sunday, Dec. 8th – Healing Shame

Session 5 Sunday, Dec. 15th – Healing Fear of Loss


December 8, 2019
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Sarah Craft